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Peplink is the leader in Internet load balancing and VPN bonding SD-WAN (Software Defined WAN) solutions. Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. It resolves issues that require load balance, bandwidth bonding, fail-over, redundancy, centralized on-premise or cloud management with these WAN technologies and services - 3G/4G/LTE/4GX (LTEA) band 28 (700MHz) support, satellite, NBN, ADSL2/2+, multi-cellular and others.

Wireless Tech is an authorised gold level Peplink certified partner and authorized e-Tailer.

Peplink Multi-WAN Load Balance Router Datasheet. Pepwave MAX Mobile Datasheet for Vehicular/Cellular Router. Pepwave AP One family for enterprise WLAN where  Balance router can act as WLAN controller and simple authentication gateway. And to see the overview notes for FusionHub where software can be installed on virtual machines that would exactly do what balance or max mobile routers can do.

We are the only authorized Peplink eTailer in Australia and therefore we get full support from the Peplink specialists should escalation be required.

Only authorized Peplink eTailer in Australia
Wireless Tech also takes pride ourselves being a certified member of SpeedFusion Alliance. 

The SpeedFusion Alliance is a global coalition of solution providers who promote the use of SpeedFusion technology to improve connection resilience. Alliance members can leverage SpeedFusion to:

  • Provide super-fast Internet
  • Make cloud services rock-solid
  • Enhance field/mobile equipment and systems

SpeedFusion is specifically designed for multi-WAN environments.

Unlike conventional technology, SpeedFusion combines the bandwidth of all WAN connections to deliver high-speed, high-reliability, and high-security networking.

It is resilient to Internet connection outages and your data is protected with 256-bit military-grade AES encryption.

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MAX HD2 Dome LTEA (APAC) Dual Cellular Outdoor Router SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VPN Bonding 2x..
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MAX HD2 LTEA (APAC) Multi-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router (6 WAN) SpeedFusion Bandwidth/VP..
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MAX HD2 LTEA with MediaFast (APAC) Multi-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router (6 WAN) SpeedFusi..
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MAX HD2 Mini LTEA (APAC) Multi-Cellular Router (4 WAN) 1x USB, 1x Ethernet WAN 2x Embedded..
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MAX HD4 LTEA (APAC) Vehicular Quad-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router 4x Embedded 4G LTEA Mod..
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Features: Tough Multi-Cellular Outdoor Router 4 x Embedded 4G LTEA Modem (APAC) SpeedFusio..
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MAX HD4 LTEA with MediaFast (APAC) Multi-Cellular Bandwidth Bonding Router (8 WAN) SpeedFusi..
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The HD4 MBX is capable of combining the bandwidth of up to 4 cellular links into an unbreakable, hig..
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Industrial-Grade M2M 4G Router 1x Embedded 4G LTE Modem (Europe and Int'l GSM)  1x Ethernet W..
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Multi-LTE Router for Transportation Wi-Fi 2x Embedded International LTE Modems 1x Ethernet WAN 80..
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PoE Activation Kit (AU) 1x 48V Power Supply and PoE License Enable 4x 802.3af PoE Output Por..
Ex Tax: AU$205.00
Whether enabling free Wi-Fi for buses or maintaining surveillance on maritime deployments, you need ..
Ex Tax: AU$1,141.00
SIM Injector - SIM-BK8-4E-56V Using the SIM injector, you can add an additional eight SIM cards t..
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SpeedFusion Engine ET DUAL LTEA     Features: Dual LTEA Radio Extende..
Ex Tax: AU$1,306.00
The Surf SOHO is a professional-grade router that is secure, reliable, and easy to use. This router ..
Ex Tax: AU$340.00
​FEATURES: SD Switch 802.3at on all 24 Ports Power budget of 850W Power Input 2x 100V – ..
Ex Tax: AU$1,820.00
Balance 30 LTEA (APAC) Multi-WAN Router (3 WAN) for SOHO WAN Ports: 2x FE, 1x Embedded 4G LT..
Ex Tax: AU$900.00
FusionHub Prol: SpeedFusion appliance for virtual machines. Supports 20 peers, 200Mbps throughput. ..
Ex Tax: AU$2,970.00
The MAX BR1 Slim is compact (1.1 x 3.8 x 4.8 inches), and tough enough for any deployment. It offers..
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48-port SD Switch 802.3at on all 48 Ports Power budget of 800W Power Input 2x 100V – 240V ..
Ex Tax: AU$2,711.00

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