Mobile Communication Trailers

Mobile Communication Trailers
Mobile Communication Trailers
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Mobile Communication Trailers

WirelessTech trailers provide instant, secure and cost effective wireless network access. Our trailers are easily transportable and rapidly
deployed. We integrate intelligent software technology into our trailer platform to deliver customised functionality for mine operations and construction.

For some projects, installation of semi permanent or fixed network infrastructure is geographically challenging, time-consuming and cost prohibitive.
In these situations, Our mobile trailers provide self powered, wireless connectivity to support multiple network applications such as data, radio communications,personnel or vehicle tracking and video surveillance.As site conditions change, our trailers can be rapidly relocated to maintain optimal network connectivity.


  • Cost and time efficient

        Minimal installation, cabling and maintenance
        Lower cost and less time compared to fixed infrastructure

  • Rugged and tough

        Manufactured with high corrosion resistance materials
        Engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions

  • Flexible and mobile

        Easily towed by a standard light vehicle
        Rapidly relocated as site expands or obstructions develop

  • Rapidly deployed

        Wheel assembly design eliminates earthworks or foundations
        Solar powered

  • Operator safety

         Mast winch eliminates manual operation of the steel mast assembly
         Easy and quick deployment, reducing exposure to extreme conditions

  • Enhanced security

         Independent and secure network connectivity
         GPS tracking

  • Customised solution

        Integration of software technology for advanced functionality
        Purpose built design for specific projects

  • Purchase or hire

         Flexible options to suit any phase of deployment, construction or for
         shutdowns and scheduled events.

▪ Site surveillance
▪ Road and driver safety
▪ Incident management
▪ Emergency response
▪ Project exploration
▪ Mine accommodation sit
▪ Maintenance shut down
▪ Special event monitoring
▪ Temporary coverage

Industry sectors
▪ Oil and gas exploration
▪ Surface and underground mining
▪ Roads construction
▪ Railway and railway construction


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