RAD Airmux-5000 Point to Multi-Point

RAD Airmux-5000 Point to Multi-Point
RAD Airmux-5000 Point to Multi-Point
Brand: RAD
Product Code: Airmux-5000
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RAD Airmux-5000 Point to Multi-Point

• Up to 250Mbps aggregate throughput with guaranteed SLA per Subscriber Unit
• Wide variety of applications such as Fixed, Nomadic and Mobility topologies
• Long range of up to 40 km/25 miles between Base Station and Subscriber Unit
• Multiband operation over 2.5 GHz, 3.3 to 3.8 GHz and 4.8 to 6 GHz frequencies
• Excellent operation in near line-of-site environments
• Robust and reliable in tough conditions and extreme temperatures

The solution will comprise with Airmux-5000 base station and CPE/Subscriber Units. Subscriber units will have varierty of models according to capacity and whether it is antenna integrated or connectorised. SU-5 (5Mbps aggregated), SU-10, SU-20, SU-25, SU-50 and license to upgrade to SU-100.

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