SIM Injector - SIM-BK8-4E-56V

Brand: Peplink & Pepwave
Product Code: SIM-BK8-4E-56V
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SIM Injector - SIM-BK8-4E-56V

SIM Injector - SIM-BK8-4E-56V

Using the SIM injector, you can add an additional eight SIM cards to your deployment. What’s more, these SIM cards can be located separately from the router.

This means you could mount the HD2 Dome outdoors in a high up place, while comfortably managing your SIM cards from an indoor location or from ground level. In addition, the SIM Injector also works as a PoE switch, powering up the HD2 Dome directly.

Together, the HD2 Dome and SIM Injector can make deployments significantly easier to set up and manage.



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