Empowering Online Learning

Seamlessly deliver online lectures and digital teaching content over a high-performance and scalable network.

To cope with new realities from pandemics, schools must be prepared to deliver online teaching content and lectures through a camera. Having a stutter-free video stream that enables lag free interaction is crucial to keeping students engaged. These technologies depend on reliable, secure and scalable networks. Peplink SD-WAN has a full range of solutions to deliver what campuses and schools need at a fraction of the cost of traditional WANs.

What are your Challenges in Education Connectivity?

  • Keeping classes stutter-free

            Class time is precious, and schools must ensure low-latency and reliable delivery of teaching content and online lectures, whether from the school campus or the teacher’s home.

  • Keeping IT costs low

            Modernizing the school network requires significant investment in fast internet connectivity and new network equipment, and the bill can add up quickly. Peplink offers high-performance and scalable solutions at highly reasonable pricing.


Feature Product:


  • Combines the bandwidth of 2x LTEs for fast and unbreakable connectivity out of the box
  • Minimum user set up and configuration required
  • Ideal for instructors that do not have access to reliable wired internet

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