Bridging Serial Devices with a Modern, Secure Digital Network

Utilities increasingly rely on sensors to monitor remote infrastructures such as pipelines, wind turbines and power lines. Connectivity in these infrastructures are mission-critical. Large scale deployment in vast remote areas is highly impeded by limitations of legacy WAN. Peplink SD-WAN simplifies these deployments and provides multiple options for network redundancy with any form of WAN

What are your Challenges in Energy & Utilities Connectivity?

Bridging Modern Network with Legacy Infrastructure

Utilities infrastructure often depends on legacy serial devices. The ability to bridge modern networking with legacy infrastructure and protocols is mission critical.

Network Security

Security is mission critical for utilities. VPN links between Peplink devices are highly encrypted and compatible with any third party firewall solutions.

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MAX HD2 Mini

InControl 2

Cloud-Based Network Management Platform
InControl2 cloud-based endpoint management system enabling remote access to any Peplink device on your network. From a single screen, configurations can be pushed to any and all of your Peplink devices. InControl2 also generates useful reports on all aspects of your network, and can be integrated to your existing systems through API.

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