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Wireless Tech Australia is established in 2004. An importer and stocking Distributor to provide products and tailored services supporting Australian Systems Integrators. Wireless Tech strives to promote the applications of wireless technologies in all industries as we believe wireless is the technology for networking solutions. Wireless Tech has thus maintained a portfolio of products that is built around this philosophy and is now focused on five product categories:

·         Wireless Point-to-point (backhaul links)
·         Wireless Point-to-Multipoint
·         Wireless Mesh Technology
·         Multi-WAN Load Balance Routers, Multi-Cellular Mobile Router, VPN Bandwidth Bonding, SD-WAN
·         Application level products — IP Cameras, Video Decoder and Encoder, Enterprise Switches, IP SAN and NAS storage,  Antennas, Customised Cable Assembly, Lightning Protection etc.

Below are the leading industry vendors that represent best in class technology in the areas above:-

·         Alvarion – BreezeNET-B and BreezeULTRA Point to Point;  BreezeAccess-VL, BreezeMAX Extreme 3600 and BreezeMAX Extreme 5000 Point to Multi-Point Wireless
·         RAD – Industrial Switches, Airmux-400 Point to Point and Airmux-5000 Point to Multi-Point Wireless
·         ABB TropOS – Layer 3 Wi-Fi Wireless Mesh
·         Strix Systems Inc. – Layer 2 Wi-Fi Wireless Mesh
·         Peplink and Pepwave – SD-WAN, Load Balance Routers, MAX Mobile Routers, MPLS replacement, VPN and Bandwidth Bonding, Multi-Cellular Routers, Multi-USB 3G/4G dongle router, SD-Switch and Wireless Products
·         D-Link – Switches, Cameras, NAS, SAN and Access Points
·         ACTi – Cameras, NVR, Encoder and Decoder
·         Cambium - Licensed Microwave high speed backhaul links, unlicensed millimeter wave and giE optical laser backhaul.
·         Siklu Millimeter wave high speed backhauls and millimaterwave Multipoint
·         Telrad - Networks is a global provider of innovative 4G wireless and telecommunications solutions with its BreezeCOMPACT 1000/2000/3000, boasting over 280 4G deployments in 150 countries.
·         RF Neulink Telemetry Wireless

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