IPSec Throughput


Here are the list of common models with IPSec throughput support information

Balance 310 5G - 5G Hybrid Enterprise Branch Connectivity


Enjoy Speed and Reliability without having to Compromise:
Multi-radio combined with our SpeedFusion Hot Failover technology allows connections of 5G and LTE networks to work simultaneously.


Setting up SpeedFusion Cloud in Peplink firmware 8.1.0


SpeedFusion Cloud: 
Firmware 8.1 enables the SpeedFusion Cloud. Achieve unbreakable connectivity from anywhere in the world using just a single Peplink device.

Peplink 5G is available now!


Wireless Tech provide 5G solutions using Peplink products with the aim to connect people, businesses, and objects around the world driving innovation to a whole new level.

How to Restore Password of Hitachi ABB Tropos Mesh Routers


You need to provide Wireless Tech the MGT port MAC address and serial number of the mesh router node.

Hitachi ABB will provide temporary password together with the reset user strings like the one below.


Accessing the Peplink Balance Router via its Console Port


This tutorial will help you connect your computer to a Peplink Balance router using the console port.

Before you start
Before you start you will need a RJ-45 to usb console cable; alternatively you can use a combination of a RJ-45 to DB-9 console cable and a USB to RS-232 cable.


Available at Wireless Tech - Peplink SDX Pro - Modular SD-WAN Router with Edge Computing Capability


Now available the future proof router, the SDX Pro. Flexible enough for nearly any deployment, powerful enough for most operations.

It comes with 2x module slots for flexibility, up to 2TB of storage for edge computing for increased responsiveness, 24Gbps of throughput, and much much more!

How to enable Remote Assistance with Peplink or Pepwave Device


Enable for Peplink Balance, MAX, FusionHub, and Surf SOHO

Devices using Firmware 6.0 or above
Login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator. By default, it is set as: (Balance) (MAX and Surf SOHO)

Click the “Turn on” link under “System Information”, as specified by the following screenshot:

How to download Diagnostic Report File from a Peplink Balance or Pepwave MAX Device


At times you may be requested by Support to provide a Diagnostic Report. Or, when opening a new ticket, you can also attach one together with descriptions and reproducibility of your issue.
Please follow the steps below to obtain a Diagnostic Report from a Peplink or Pepwave device:
  1. Connect to the Web Admin Interface with a web browser.
  2. Go to Status > Device. Click the Download button next to the Diagnostic Report field.
  3. A prompt will appear for saving the file containing the Diagnostic Report to your computer.

915 MHz to 928 MHz in Australia - LoRa and LoRaWAN for IoT


Australia (and New Zealand)

Australia uses the 915 MHz to 928 MHz wireless network frequency band and thus manufacturers of devices using the Microchip LoRaWAN module RN-2903A must load the correct firmware from Microchip to make the devices function properly.

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